Beats Terms and Conditions


hiphopandrapbeats music may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions
enforced by By purchasing, or receiving music sold under, you become bound to the terms of the License Agreement.

You are not to allow anyone to use your sign in / login information for any reason.  By doing so    you will void your purchase and your account will be deleted and suspended. It is very important to the integrity of the website that you do not give your password or login information to any 2nd parties. If you do give out this information your membership will be voided without notice. We log each download and every individual computers IP address.

1) The musical works and beats sold by Hiphopandrapbeats remain the property of at all times. These beats are licensed, not sold, to you to
be used within your musical and creative productions, so long as you abide by the
rules of "synchronization". See article 2a

2) Upon the purchase of any Beat or Beats from the purchaser
(licensee) is granted a non-exclusive license to use this product. This non-exclusive
license is granted only to the original individual (licensee) who purchases
the beat(s). This license is NOT transferable under any circumstances. This
license grants the Licensee (purchaser) the non-exclusive right to use
in conjunction with the synchronized performance and/or synchronized recording
of the hiphopandrapbeats product. This process is herein known as "synchronization."
Beats from cannot be used without synchronization in any form.
Furthermore, any non-synchronized use of beats from Hiphopandrapbeats must comply
with the terms outlined in Section 3 below. a) hiphopandrapbeats.comís beats can
not be used without synchronization in any form. It is understood that the
terms of this license forbids the use of hiphopandrapbeats.comís beats without
synchronization. Furthermore, If you have intentions or would like to use
hiphopanrapbeats beats without the act of synchronization, you MUST agree and
follow the terms under Section 3 below.

3) The use of hiphopandrapbeats beats in isolated format
(without synchronization of vocal performances and or additional audio and music)
is not allowed unless you obtain a special, separate Multimedia license directly
from This Multimedia license grants additional privileges for
commercial use. Please contact Soundcrafting at if you are
interested in using hiphopandrapbeats beats in the following media: Commercial
Advertisement, Radio, Film or Television, Internet, etc. you must contact to be given this License.

4) It is unequivocally understood and mutually agreed that the individual that
purchases beats from does not obtain any ownership rights and/or
any copyrights to these beats., the owners of
keeps possession of all rights, ownership, title and interest in the musical works
and beats to all of the music purchase and or otherwise obtained from,
and any of itís affiliates or partners. This provision includes all copyrights belonging
to the original copyright holder. This also includes any modifications and or changes
made to the licensed property by Licensee.

5) Hiphopandrapbeats unequivocally FORBIDS any and all resale, commercial ventures, and/or
any and all distribution of hiphopandrapbeats musical works and/or beats, either as they
exist OR any modification or changes made by the licensee. This provision includes any
and all changes and modifications made involving synchronization discussed in section 2.
You CANNOT sell, loan, lease, assign, or transfer any of the products sold and/or given
under to another individual or user, or for use in any competitive
product. You may not use these products for album and radio distribution, and/or any
other commercial use without obtaining a separate license from

6) If the Licensee wishes to use a beat from hiphopandrapbeats for the purposes of an
album, radio, film and television, internet and/or any other commercial use,
they must contact hiphopandrapbeats to obtain a license for commercial use. This license
will be granted in the form of written permission from hiphopandrapbeats. The user of this
license must still adhere to the rules of synchronization as stated in Section 2 under
Terms and Conditions for Unauthorized use or duplication of
hiphopandrapbeats products is any way is a direct violation of this agreement.
Any and all copyright infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.